Brief History of the American Milkman
In the 1960s and prior to that, about 30 percent of milk was delivered to homes. At the time, many homes were without refrigeration and relied on another home delivery service, the iceman, so they didn't have to worry about their milk spoiling. Because it was so perishable, daily delivery was the safest and most cost effective way to get milk to customers. 

Other regular staples including produce, meat, bread and dry goods had their own storefronts.   

After WWII, suburbs began popping up making neighborhood coverage area larger for milkmen. To accommodate for their increasing costs to deliver milk, they needed to raise prices. With the advent of the supermarket and steady rise in car ownership, folks could easily just add milk to their grocery list, omitting their need for the milkman. 

Nowadays, customers prefer wholesome farm fresh products supplied by local dairy farms and other products provided by local businesses. It gives them peace of mind that they're getting the healthiest and most delicious options plus they're supporting small businesses and local farmers. In addition, processed foods, E. coli scares and factory farms mean we want to know where our food comes from and who's growing it. 

Home delivery companies like Dairy2U have tapped into the opportunity to connect farmers and small businesses with consumers who enjoy their products. There's no need for the customer to make several stops to get their favorite locally produced products; Dairy2U conveniently delivers to homes in their specified delivery area. Their service also means less stops to the grocery store for the everyday staples like milk, eggs, and bread. Plus, you can order your coffee and artisan ice cream! 

Brad and the Dairy2U delivery team take all precautions for contact-free delivery. Simply leave a cooler on your front porch for drop-off. 

Dairy2U has more products coming soon! Stay tuned!

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